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Tanja Nixx left Germany in 1988 with an education in Graphic-design to travel around the world. She started in the Congo and made her way through Zaire, Burundi Tanzania, Kenya  and South-East-Asia. She was taking a lot of photos during her travels, but she was robbed in Kenya and lost all of her films. That incident inspired her later to write a book about her travels to commemorate her trip. (Her book is available on Blurb and it’s called “Sleeping my way through the Congo”. She felt the need to settle down and bought a plane ticket to  San Francisco, where she was received with open arms.  Supporting herself by bartending, during which she taught herself the art of tattooing. In 1995 Tanja Nixx was offered a job at the infamous Lyle Tuttle Tattoo Studio. She produced two independent films , “A holy promise”, and “love will travel” and acted in them. Tanja Nixx bought Lyle Tuttle Tattooing in 2001. Meanwhile she was busy taking photos as a source of reference for her paintings. During the later years of her 20 year tattoo career, during which she tattooed Singer-Songwriter “Adele” and Aimee Mann, she started getting more into photography and has now fully submerged herself into wedding, event and portrait photography. She recently brought out a photography book about her travels in Oman. it is available on Amazon and published with blurb. She has now started to specialize into wedding photography.